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Online Instruction for Freaky Darts

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FREAKY DARTS is used as an addition to a normal game of Darts. In this way, classic games of 301, 501 and Cricket can be supplied with a portion of tactics and even more fun. Action and Event cards can give you the deciding advantage, or place your opponents before a hard challenge.

FREAKY DARTS can be played individually or in teams. Next will be explained the standard variations; the one on one. Nevertheless, we recommend you integrate the game variations described further down depending on the number and skill of the other players.

Since points in FREAKY DARTS may be lost or turned upside down, score should be kept on a sheet of paper instead of through the counter on an electronic dart board. Print templates for classic 301 and 501 games may be dowlnoaded on


Mix the Action Cards and give each player 10. The remaining Action Cards form the draw-pile. All Event Cards are also to be mixed and then form another pile. Now you may go for a Bullseye (whoever gets closest to the center with a single dart), or play a large-scale tournament of Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who goes first. Alternatively, the one with the most recent birthday can start.


Before each turn all players may play maximum one Action Card. This means for example: Before Player A takes his turn, Player A along with Player B are allowed to play a card. It is also possible that only one or neither of them plays a card. The opposing Player - here Player B - after Player A’s Action Card is played may not react with another Action Card. So that the game is played fairly, Player A is to ask before his first throw if Player B would like to play a card. In this way, Player A can react to the card from Player B.

Action Cards can improve one’s own position, or worsen the opponent’s. According to the current score, the cards can be positive or negative for oneself or the opponent. The Player whose turn it is always decides who the Cards affects. If there is any ambiguity, or even a dispute, in case of doubt the one who owns Freaky Darts is to decide.

Event Cards can not be played by the players, rather turned over by special occurrences. In the standard variation this happens after breaking a “Hundred Mark”. If, for example, a player has 234 points remaining and throws his first dart for a 20 and his second a triple 20, he must then directly after the second throw uncover a card. This Event is then immediately effective. It may be that through this Event Card the player has to stop and the order is switched or interrupted.


Besides the standard variations for two players Freaky Darts can also be played in Teams, for multiple players and for different skill levels. The basic rules stay the same. All changes are described here. This list offers a first look at the possibilities, but you could surely let your imaginations run wild and try out alternatives. Feel free to share them with us.

Play in Teams
Two teams line up against each other. These are usually teams of two, but more is also definitely possible. The teams and players throw alternating. (A1 - B1 - A2 - B2 - A1 - … ) This order can be changed through the cards, or for a certain time cancelled. To begin, every team receives 10 cards instead of every player. The team must decide among themselves when which cards are to be used.

Freaky Darts can offer a successful alternative for individual training. The Action Cards are to be mixed and form a pile. Before every turn a card must be revealed and the action followed accordingly. Depending on the goal of the training, cards are to be sorted out.

Three or more Players/Teams
The game is also possible with more than two players or teams; free-for-all. If it’s Player A’s turn, a total of two cards can be played. Player A may play a card for himself, and one may be played by one of the opponents. The opponents may not discuss amongst themselves - the cards remain secret. The same is possible for multiple teams.

Differently Skilled Players
It often happens that players have different skill levels. With Freaky Darts this difference can be relativised. At the start, skillful players receive less cards while beginners receive more. Unlike the standard variation with 10 cards, good players can receive only three cards, whereas less good players receive 12. With games of more than two players may multiple levels be made.

With Drawing
A possibility that leads to more actions is that a card is always drawn after one is played so that one always has 10 cards in one’s hand. This keeps the selection large, and allows for cards only useful in certain situations to be kept for later. Instead, the rule could be introduced that cards may be drawn at the end of each round.

Skip a Turn
A further rule may be introduced so that one forgoes throwing darts and instead may pick up three Action Cards.

Multiple Cards
In the standard variation, each player, whether passive or active, may play one card before a turn. This rule can be lifted so that in important situations card combinations can be played. In this way, it might occur that a player may only throw two darts instead of three, must throw during a jump, after he had previously turned in a circle.

Further Events
Event Cards can be drawn to further occurrences. Ideas from us which are relevant according to skill level: triple 20 hit - more than 100 points - 180 - Schnapps number - missed the board - ...

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